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Project: Introduction to WebMo

Activity: A04 Activiy Trainings

Status: Ongoing
Belongs to indicator: Special Activity Indicator


E.g. the number of trainings that are related to that particular outcome.

To add an "activity indicator", create the related output and add an indicator.

  • Here you choose under indicator type the activity indicator
  • you can enter a baseline value enter some more data if you want and click on save

Now you have 2 options

  1. You can go back to the activity indicator and create new activities which will be connected to the indicator and the respective output.
  2. Or you can go to an existing or create a new activity in the logframe and connect it to the indicator.


Current progress description




Start 01/01/2020
End 12/31/2020

Risks and assumptions

Need for action? Unsure

Supporting Documents

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