Nr;Output;Description;Risk;Indicator;ID;Type;Deadline;"Indicator risk";Class;Baseline;Target;Current;"Assessment date";"Milestone progress";"Progress description";"Planned date";"Achieved date";"Activity name";"Activity status";Deadline__precision;"Assessment date__precision";"Planned date__precision";"Achieved date__precision" 1.1;output;"By 2020, 75% of targeted enforcement officials have attended the hawksbill poaching awareness workshop";;"% of targeted enforcement officials that attend workshop";1;btc;2020-02-12;;indicator;0;75;;;;;;;;;1;;; 2.1;output;"By 2020, an MOU is established between IFAW and the enforcement agency.";;"yes/no MOU in place";1;activities;2020-02-12;"With an MOU in place, the enforcement agency will actively collaborate with IFAW on capacity building.";;;;;;;;;;;;1;;; 2.2;output;"By 2020, 80% of targeted officers complete the DISRUPT training.";"There are at least 4 officers in relevant roles at each agency targeted.";"% of officers who complete the training";1;btc;2020-02-12;"There are at least 4 officers in relevant roles at each agency targeted.";indicator;0;80;;;;;;;;;1;;;