"Activity name";ID;Description;Status;"Start date";"End date";Assessment;Progress;"Start date__precision";"End date__precision" "Quality management";;"Develop and introduce enhanced quality assurance and quality improvement practices in pilot HCOs by means of upgraded methods of quality management";4;2019-01-01;2019-02-14;"Quality assurance and quality improvement practices have been developed by an independent organization. Completion of developement of practices was delayed by two months. Introduction of upgraded methods and management practices has yet to be performed through on-site trainings.";50;1;1 "Update HCOs infrastructure";;"Update HCOs infrastructure including acquisition, installation and use of new equipment";1;2019-01-01;2020-03-20;"20 % of all targeted rayon hospitals have aquired and installed new equipment";20;1;1 "Improve Health Technology Management";;"Over the period of 8 months, on-site trainings with the management of pilot HCOs will be conducted.";1;2018-11-20;2019-03-20;"Training curriculum has been developed, and includes such points as equipment maintenance and calibration and how to use equipment in hospitals to its full capacity. Trainings have yet to be conducted.";40;1;1 "Review current system";;"Review current system ensuring compliance with rules and regulations governing clinical quality in HCO: standards of clinical guidelines/ clinical protocols and standards of operational procedures (implement standards in work places, staff training, monitoring of implementation of rules and regulat";2;2018-10-08;2019-01-11;"Assessment methodology and tools have been developed. Assessment in each pilot HCO has been conducted and analyzed. Proposals have been developed to improve compliance with the rules and regulations governing clinical quality in HCO.";100;1;1 "Revise methods of HR management";;"Revise and implement methods and tools of HCO HR/personnel management to be more effective and results oriented";1;2019-11-10;2019-02-04;"Methods have been analyzed and revised. Needs have been identified. We still need to lead actions in order to increase the professionalism of HCO staff on a wide range of HCO personnel management, labor organization, staff development, etc";50;1;1 "Upgrade financial management methdos";;"Upgrade financial management methods and practices to allow for effective mobilization and efficient use of resources.";1;2018-11-25;2019-10-18;"Existing development and approval practice of budgets (cost estimates) have been revised for all sources of HCO funding. We need to define the need for further training and train HCO specialists on these issues.";20;1;1 "Upgrade commodity management methods";;"Upgrade commodity including pharmaceuticals management methods and practices to allow for greater efficiency and quality.";1;2018-12-16;2019-10-18;"We have revised and assessed existing methods and practice of identifying needs and procurement of materials (including drugs) and equipment. We need to identify needs and lead action to increase the professionalism of pilot HCO staff for of material resources management";20;1;1